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As the electronics industry transitions from ASICs to SoCs, unique problems confront system designers. Today's SoC designs typically consist of multiple processor cores, and the complex hardware and software design processes must be tackled together. It is now necessary to co-design, co-verify and co-simulate both hardware and software. This creates new challenges in system design, and requires a new kind of design tool.

Poseidon Design Systems is a world-class innovator in technology for system-level modeling and SoC design that gives as much importance to software as to hardware. Using its unique architectural modeling technology, Poseidon offers solutions that allow SoC designers to co-simulate hardware and software at various levels of abstraction and tune an embedded system for optimal performance.

Poseidon offers tools that analyze the performance of an embedded system, including software performance (using performance counters, code profiling, and bottleneck analysis) and hardware performance (checking memory bandwidth, pipeline stalls, and cache mis-hits). It helps designers fine-tune a system architecture for a particular end-use application.

Poseidon's leading-edge tools for platform-based design enable system designers to map an application onto a hardware architecture that may be comprised of multiple processor cores and custom hardware. With these tools, engineers can quickly perform design exploration, hardware/software partitioning, and system optimization to successfully create the electronic devices of the future.

Triton Tuner helps system designers analyze the performance of embedded applications and configure the system architecture for optimal performance.
Triton Builder accelerates the performance of embedded systems using a coprocessor-based approach.