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For any product to be successful in a market, it’s very critical for the product to get thoroughly tested in-house. A productization process consisting of automated builds, release, testing, bug reporting and appropriate reports on internal websites MUST be in place in as less budget as possible. Though this seems to be a trivial area, Poseidon sees this area as a very crucial for overall success of the product.

Poseidon being a product design company has implemented extensive process for Productization of software from pre-production releases to the final marketable product. We have scripts and utilities that can be used by any product team to automate their productization process. We have deployed our methodology for various high tech product design houses.

Best value for:

  • Small s/w and h/w product companies
  • SMEs
  • Small to mid size companies which want to focus on the core and outsource the rest
  • Start-up companies

Automation of Testing and Nightly builds:

Just to make sure that the bugs are identified just in time, Poseidon proposes automation of test cases and nightly build framework. With this, functional as well as compilation bugs are identified just in time and saves multiple man-days of efforts. Poseidon can do a complete automation of the testing and nightly build process to enable quality product delivery.

Embedded product Designers

  • Handheld devices
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Gaming engines
  • Mobile Software

EDA tool Developers

Semiconductor companies involved in Reference Designs

Development / Enhancement of Test Cases:
Poseidon fully understands that the cost of bug being identified by the customer is very high. With the objective of releasing the product with as minimum bugs as possible to the market, Poseidon focuses on development / enhance of the existing test plan and test cases. Having the background of Product development, Poseidon understands the importance of thorough coverage test cases.

Gaining productivity with effective verification methodology:
Though testing and verification looks like a trivial area, Poseidon promises to increase drastic value to this function by bringing productivity and effectiveness.

Software Companies in Domains:

  • Enterprise Software
  • Embedded applications
  • Graphical User Interfaces
  • Web based activity intensive applications
  • Client-Server architectures
Poseidon has developed in-house methodology wherein the results of various tests are automatically uploaded to the website / intranet and automatic notifications are sent by e-mail to the concerned people upon detection of the bugs. Poseidon’s in-house methodology has increased productivity of the validation and verification team by 35X by enabling addition of more test cases and reduced the verification time to few hours from few days.
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