Poseidon Design Systems
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Poseidon Design Systems is product design and services company in the emerging field of 'Electronics System Level' (ESL) design, focusing on processor based design analysis, optimization and acceleration.

Poseidon Design Systems provides innovative ESL solutions for embedded system design. Poseidon offers breakthrough technologies in hardware/software analysis, co-simulation, and hardware synthesis to help reduce the complexity and cost of designing Systems on Chips (SoCs) and Systems on FPGA's.

Poseidon's Services Areas:

System Modeling and simulation

  • Electronic System-Level (ESL) Design Methodology Development
  • System Simulation and Modeling
    • Systems, components
    • SystemC, ANSI C, C++
    • Transaction, Cycle Accurate, Analytical
  • ESL consulting
    • Setting up ESL framework
    • Methodology for reusable system and component models development
    • Standard compliance like OSCI TLM, SPIRIT etc,.

System tools design and development

  • Compiler, assembler, linker etc.
  • Simulator, SystemC models
  • Binutils, C / C++ library
  • Profilers
  • Analysis tools

ASIC / SoC verification services:

  • RTL verification
  • Test Bench development
  • Test automation
  • System Verilog / Specman / VERA

Productization Services:

  • Transforming the concept into a product.
  • Productization services in the areas of ESL / EDA front-end / Binary translators / Performance Analysis tools / high-speed search / sort mechanisms
  • Includes, complete testing and verification of product in pre-delivery stage
  • Test case development from end-uesr’s perspective
  • Automating the test cases and test runs to improve Productization efficiency.
  • Automation of Nightly Builds, Releases, Regression testing, reporting of bugs
  • Development of the installation kits and licensing mechanism