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Poseidon has been involved in the domain of compilers and tools for the past several years. The portfolio has ranged from providing services in retargeting the GNU tool chain to developing C to RTL compilers and hardware-software partitioners for the flagship products of the company.  The major areas of thrust have been:

Retargeting GNU and other compiler tool chains.
The company has successfully executed various projects with a few more in the pipeline. Currently the company is executing a port of the latest versions of GCC, GDB, Binutils, GLibC and uCLibC for a proprietary processor.
Poseidon also has expertise in retargeting the LCC and SDCC compiler tool chain, which is mainly directed at small devices like micro controllers rather than mainstream processors or DSP chips.

Compiler and System tools

  • Porting of GCC, GDB, Binutils, GLibC and uCLibC for a target
  • LCC and SDCC compiler
  • ABI design for architecture / OS
  • JVM design
  • Clean room port

Binary Translation and Instrumentation.

The expertise is mainly in the area of dynamically translating or instrumenting an existing executable binary being executed. The translation can be from the native processor architecture to any arbitrary processor architecture or from the native operating system to any arbitrary operating system or any combination thereof, albeit with certain restrictions. Such tools are required when migrating pre-compiled software stacks from a legacy platform to a new platform.

Binary Translation

  • Dynamically translating or instrumentation
  • Processor-to-Processor OR OS-to-OS translation
  • Instrumentation for dynamic switching between the binary
C to RTL compilation / Hardware-Software Partitioning
In the field of C to RTL compilation and hardware-software partitioning, Poseidon has developed tools such as Triton Builder and Triton Tuner. While the first has a C to RTL Synthesis tool embedded in it, it also generates the relevant drivers around the generated RTL, the second is an architecture exploration tool with the ability to automatically partition the code into hardware-mapped and software-only portions. The total development effort into these tools has been to the tune of several tens of man-years spread over the past four years.

C to RTL / HW-SW partitioning

  • Doing target independent optimizations on C Code
  • Converting C to synthesizable RTL
  • Generation of device drivers
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